Become a Thought Leader
to harvest more deals
on LinkedIn

We fully manage your LinkedIn presence to drive demand for your business. Share valuable content, reach your target audience, increase the number of relevant followers, and start meaningful conversations.

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Outsource 99% of your LinkedIn social selling to us

100%+ organic impression increase

1, We gain a deep understanding of the latest trends and topics from your industry.
2, We conduct a 30-minute interview every month to capture your unique insights as a thought leader.

3, We create and publish the content on your behalf.

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400+ new relevant followers

We make you visible to your target audience

It does not matter if you have 7000 followers.

Only 5% could be your buyer's persona

We boost relevant impressions with targeted thought leaders' ads on LinkedIn

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15%+ positive response rate
on outreach

Automated & personalized outreach to people already familiar with your content.

Unlike others, we don’t use AI to craft outreach messages. Our team uses a proven methodology to start meaningful conversations that get a response.

We deliver a positive response rate from 10%-50% which is way above industry 5% standard

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We manage LinkedIn content for Forbes 30 under 30 founders, C-level Executives and Senior Sales reps

"My lead approached me at the conference and said;

"I saw your content on LinkedIn, You are doing a great job."

Thanks to Deal Harvest, I am a thought leader without doing much work.'"

Peter, CEO

"I already had a good presence on Linkedin. But It was time-consuming.
Deal Harvest quickly understood my ToV and they do a better job than me.
I fully outsourced my thought leadership content I just got the video script and record myself." 

Jacob, CEO

"A 45% positive response rate on LinkedIn—I thought it was impossible. 

The leads are warm and willing to talk. Winning clients is easier than cold emailing."

Mark, Sales rep.

What is Social selling?

Simply cold approaching your audience does not work. This method can come across as spammy and irrelevant, and it never delivers the desired results.

This is where social selling comes into play. It's essential to warm up your audience and build trust with them before reaching out. The response rate is higher, and deal-making is easier.

After a few months of cultivating your personal brand, many will start approaching you first.

  • 80% decision makers

    80% of decision-makers are active on LinkedIn.

  • 2x Faster

    Building a thought leadership position on LinkedIn makes the sales cycle 2x shorter

  • 10% Response rate

    Compared to cold email campaigns having response rate 2%

Pricing Plans

Choose a plan that matches your goals.
The minimum subscription period is 3 months.

  • Thought leader

    Thought Leader

    Perfect for personal branding
    • Trend research
      We research your industry to discover trending topics.
    • Strategy & copywriting
    • 8 LinkedIn posts
      We create 4 static + 4 videos for your LinkedIn profile
    • Video post-production
    • Content distribution
      We schedule your content on your behalf
  • Boost


    For expanding your network
    • Trend research
    • Strategy & copywriting
    • 8 LinkedIn posts
      We create 4 static + 4 videos for your LinkedIn profile
    • Content distribution
    • Video post-production
    • Paid ads strategy
    • Ads and content optimization
  • Engage


    To close more deals
    • Trend research
    • Strategy & copywriting
    • 8 LinkedIn posts
      We create 4 static + 4 videos for your LinkedIn profile
    • Content distribution
    • Paid ads strategy
    • Ads and content optimisation
    • Messaging & sequences
    • Automation

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